Laminate Cutter Test 2017 Best rated & tested Cutters for Laminate Flooring
Laminate Cutter Test 2017 Best rated & tested Cutters for Laminate Flooring

Your Safety when using a Laminate Cutter





Nov. 04th, 2017 A laminate cutter is an extremely sharp cutting tool. Accordingly, it should be noted that the operator's hands must be protected from possible cuts and you always have to wear working gloves while operating.

For electric floor cutters are the security arrangements the same as for table saws (mouth, eyes and hearing, no loose clothing, etc.) though the precautions are slightly different and should be observed.


. (Please refer here for high quality safety gloves)


For instance. Did you know that sawdust is a carcinogen? Especially if it has an aluminum oxide finish. Now - for some reason - the wood is being cut inside a house the home owner could complain of the contamination of the house.

And then? Where would that leave you in the job? Be responsible and use always masks (you'll find our best ones at the bottom of this page, just scroll down) while working and inform your customers to clean the house properly of dust after the job is done.


Otherwise laminate cutters are very safe tools. They are quietly to operate at any installation site. In order not to break the pieces of laminate cutting, however, a flat surface for a clean, straight cut should be chosen.


Also is important to ensure that an efficient exhaust ventilation is present (internally and/or externally via an adapter). Depending on the model it is important to pay attention which materials (thicknesses) you are going to work on and is suitable when buying this tool.

There are more robust versions for thicker standard sizes with laminate. Although these have a relatively higher weight, they also create cutting thicknesses up to 20mm instead of the usual 11 or 12 mm. If you are nort sure whether you will perform normal cuts or angle cuts, you should invest a little more in a combined laminate/parquet-cutter for both types.

Also consider this when buying:  the longer the handle of the cutting knife is designed by the manufacturer the easier the handling and the cutting becomes while at work.


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