Laminate Cutter Test 2017 Best rated & tested Cutters for Laminate Flooring
Laminate Cutter Test 2017 Best rated & tested Cutters for Laminate Flooring

Wooden Floor BEST REPAIR KIT 2017

The BEST Wooden Floor Repair kits in 2017

Nov. 04th, 2017 The BEST wooden floor repair kit 2017 - Even if you deal yet so gently with your floor, scratchmarks or dents by a shifted piece of furniture, a fallen down glass or a „souvenir“ from your playing children or pet, for these "cosmetic repairs" you need to be prepared with an ideal laminate repair kit.

Had a party while your parents were out and that new wooden floor suffered a little? If you use a proper kit, your floor boards will be as good as new. "If!" that is. We do not recommend any repair pens as they are cheap and do the job for a couple of hours in complete darkness. But they still show the damages and that is annoying and unfortunately they will be still clear noticeable.

We found some very good ones, tested them for you and we truly believe we considered the value a lot. It is easy and cost effective, so relax.

The Top 4 of laminate floor repair

Laminate repair kit - What you should consider when buying

When buying a laminate repair kit be sure that adequate shades and all the necessary tools are available to optimally repair scratches or dents. In addition, it is important for the area to be cleansed thoroughly and completely free of crumbs, dust or other debris. This would not lead to the desired result. You should also make sure to use a laminate repair kit on a wax-basis, as these can be customized and ideally mended in shadings, grooves and color in their original patterns.The additional varnish, the affected area is additionally protected from dirt and contamination. And after complete drying of the cleaned areas with the laminate repair kit you can clean the floor as usual. After you have repaired the affected areas, you simply seal the box of the repair kit and store it safely somewhere, ready to be used again when necessary.



To achieve the best results in repairing and removing ugly staines, scratches or dents see our laminate repair test selection of the best sets of repairing your laminate floor. Instead of having to replace the entire floor for a lot of money, you can alternatively rely on an inexpensive laminate repair kit. This saves not only a lot of time, but also protects also your wallet. Because, instead of renewing the whole laminate flooring or replaceing single parts of it, you only need to repair the affected areas. With the right laminate repair, you can make small holes or notches in the laminate almost invisible and make them look as it never happened.


No 1. AGT Floor Repair Kit WRS - 11.plh

The AGT laminate repair comes in a practical case, which ensures simple and safe storage of its parts. It consists of 11 hard wax bars in various brown and red colors. The melter is needed to liquefy the wax, which is supplied by two AA batteries (included) and is quickly ready for use. To operate the hard wax melter just press on the case-mounted key. In addition, there are two spatulas, a scraper, an abrasive sponge for matting of cured wax surface, a cleaning cloth and a manual is also included.

By using the AGT laminate repair kit, even any unskilled can with only a few simple steps learn to repair fast and well deep holes, scratches, dents and other highly visible surface. If one uses a sanding sponge after the repair to the damaged area  the damage is almost invisible. Use the many different waxes to work on wood, parquet and laminate flooring, you have ample varieties and many color schemes. The darker wax rods are additionally restoring the original grain. The AGT hard wax is very durable, so that the repaired spot can be normally used again. Even in bright sunlight the wax layer will not become fluid  again.


No 2. Picobello G61403 Premium Wood Repair Kit

The repair kit Picobello G61403 Premium Wood Repair Kit for laminate, parquet and quality furniture helps repairing dents, scratches, holes and flakings and consists of 9 hard wax sticks of 4 cm in length in the usual wood colors and in transparent, white and black. The package also includes a melting apparatus with three batteries, a slicer, in which a Mattierungsvlies is, a small grinding and polishing cloth, cotton cloth, a clear lacquer sealer pen and an instruction manual. The repair kit Picobello G61403 Premium Wood Repair Kit is supplied in a sturdy plastic case, in which all parts are kept safe. The wax of this repair kit Picobello G61403 Premium Wood Repair Kit hardens very quickly, so you have to work fast. If you accidentally are a bit off, you can correct the mistake quickly and remove it. After the damage is repaired, the spot is as good as new and can be cleaned as normal.

Since the Picobello G61403 Premium Wood Repair Kit is very easy to handle, it is also suitable for users who are not as skilled at DIY. All you need is a steady hand, a little skill and should proceed in accordance with the accompanying illustrated manual. If one uses the exact matchings for the surface of wood and laminate the appropriate wax colors - which one either finds already in the box or mixing it into the damaged area - the damaged area will never be seen again.                     


However, as always, you should clean the chipped spots first before filling them up with hot liquid wax, so their edges will become smooth and clean again.


The hard wax bars of Picobello G61403 Premium Wood Repair Kit for laminate, parquet and quality furniture can be used economically, so you can eliminate a lot of damage to laminate flooring and wooden surfaces with this repair kit. You can even repair varnished wood or waxed tropical wood floors.

No 3. Rust Oleum Varathane 242008 Renewal

Actually the Rust Oleum Varathane 242008 is not directly a laminate repair kit like the Picobello kit or the repair kits which are introduced on this site but due to the results in the test, we decided to include this reneval kit into the top 3 laminate floor repair kits.

It performs just as the package states. You only have to keep in mind that you have to be very careful about dust and for instance pet hair. If some dust remain you maybe noticed the dust after sealing and that needs to be avoided. But if the work is done it results in a gleaming surface. Effect is guaranteed.

You have furnished your home with special care – and maybe you even have worked hard and long on color and style draught? Of course it is especially irritating if the floor (or also a piece of furniture) appearance is immediately noticed by a scratch or a hole. Create remedy with the following special repair/renewal kit: The repair kit or floor renewal kit from Rust Oleum Varathane.

Also I would recommend however being cautious about using the floors even longer then the instructions suggest. We got a few scuffs after it  suggested light use from what I had considered light use.

    (Read customers Reviews)


No 4. The handy Fast Cap WAX Kit

The FastCap WAX KIT.20S Softwax Kit is suitable for laminate floors as well as for parquet floors. Due to the included and special big color palette you achieve an optimally colorfast result.


You need to heat up a very small area of the wax block with a lighter. In contrast to our winner (the Picobello laminate repair kit) this repair kit has no battery melter included! But for instance a BBQ lighter do also the job. Hold the lighter up to a corner of the block for a SECOND or TWO. (Don’t let it drip, if it is dripping the heat has been on too long.)

The FastCap WAX KIT.20S Softwax Kit is suitable for laminate floors as well as for parquet floors. Due to the included and special big color palette you achieve an optimally colorfast result.

so the job. In contrast to our winner (the Picobello laminate repair kit) this repair kit has no battery melter included! Remove a very small amount of the softened wax with the corner of the plastic scraper included in the kit. Press this drop of soft wax into the hole or crack to be filled. If it stays soft you can work it back and forth a little. Scrape off excess wax and buff with pad. We recommend to keep a small metal blade in the kit to clean the plastic scraper and return the excess wax to   the block. The SoftWax Kit from FastCap gives you everything you need to fill holes in finished woodwork!            (Read customers Review)

Other 5-STAR RATED professional kits

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