Laminate Cutter Test 2017 Best rated & tested Cutters for Laminate Flooring
Laminate Cutter Test 2017 Best rated & tested Cutters for Laminate Flooring

What Laminate Cutters are right for me?

Nov. 04th, 2017 - In principle, both, the simple and the professional laminate cutter, are equally sufficiently constructed:  Originally, the tool is part of the basic equipment of any craftsman.

What Laminate Cutters are right for you? Due to the simple handling, the attractive cutting results and lifestyle trends for laminate flooring, there are now also simple versions for home improvements done by the normal handyman.

What you should look for in a laminate cutter

  • A ground base for placing any materials
  • a slip-resistant flat footrests under the basic undercarriage
  • a safety rail, in which the blade can retract smoothly when pressed down.
  • a stop for better accuracy when flooring any laminate strip
  • A long knife with a narrow, low-wear blade (stainless steel or aluminum)
  • A good handle on the knife for adjusting a required force during cutting of the workpiece.

Electric or manual laminate cutter?

These sawing tools do not work free of dust, so that additional expenditure for maintenance and dust extraction is necessary. If an electrical model is being used, it requires a separate work area for the preparation and a separate room. Also keep in mind when using an electric laminate cutter you're dealing with a comparatively high operating volume for your environment.

There is, however, a difference between the hand tools described and electrically operated parquet cutters. The latter is replaceing  the otherwise necessary muscle power on the drive by an electric motor. For very large cutting works of laminate, vinyl or similar materials this is an advantage, since the cuts can be set faster, more accurately and with minimal effort.


Want to cut laminate by hand? Ok. Read this then:

If you want to cut any laminate by hand, then only a straight pad and some muscle power are necessary for it. In dealing with all laminate strips of 10 mm (0.4") thickness and widths up to 400 mm (15.75") all laminate cutters did well in our tests . The limits of these cutters are materials of extremely hard exotic woods or any dimensions exeeding  these standard dimensions.

It is therefore necessary to consider what materials (vinyl, parquet strips, laminate) you would like to process mostly. Whereas the hand-operated laminate cutter are very practical at every construction site as they can be used on the move, thus includs construction sites without electricity, for example, if a floor is to be renewed in a garden shed or relaid.

Prefer an Electrical Laminate Cutter?

These are more boaters who do not cut a laminate strip, but merely sawing them through. However, for the operation of this form of a cutter you need electricity needed and, with regard to the mobility of the usage, its limited. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances, the acquisition of an electrical cutter is more suitable.

If you need to work fast on a construction site or another working site, which has sufficient dust extraction (outside) laminate, vinyl or parquet can be cut gentler, faster and less heavier, albeit louder. Craftsmen use these electrical cutters often stationary next to table saws frequently. The reason for this is that the saw blade produces a smoother edge as the normal saw.

Quality Features of a Laminate Cutter

A laminate cutter is lightly built and compact. High quality brand tools are such when they have a solid footing, railings, handle and a quality knife. Some models also have some padding underneath the footings to keep a possibly sensitive floor area intact while working. At the same time this slip resistance improves the accuracy in cuttings, so you hardly will have any waste.

A better quality simply pays off in the long run by the fact that the cutting blade has to be neither exchanged nor resharpened even after prolonged use. Stainless steel or aluminum in robust quality should be as material being used here. The lower the force is necessary for pressing down into the laminate board, the better the quality of the brand.

Even women with lesser strength when depressing the cutting knife into the material will manage a clean, straight and accurate - precise to the millimeter - cutting edge. Another quality is the suitability of the blade - sharpness and thickness - for different board styles. So with the help of a good laminate cutter you can also easily cut parquet pieces and vinyl.

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