Laminate Cutter Test 2017 Best rated & tested Cutters for Laminate Flooring
Laminate Cutter Test 2017 Best rated & tested Cutters for Laminate Flooring

Underlayment & Lamination Assessories

Working areas to use an laminate cutter

Nov. 04th, 2017 The professional craftsmen are working more and more with the mobile tools because it is ready to use on any building site, big or small and takes hardly up space and can be flexibly adapted to the conditions of cutting.

The private sector ist using a laminate cutter as much as the professional one. Underlayment and  Assessories - Modern brands of laminate cutters are being used both privately and commercially.


Purpose of the laminate cutter


When laying different types of flooring, vinyl, hardwood and/or laminate parquet a laminate cutter provides indispensable services. Especially at the corners of a room the flooring must be set with millimeter precision. This is done most easily with a manual cutter, because these can almost always be used directly at the workplace.

In contrast to a cutting edge, which is set by a table saw, a laminate cutter eminates very little sawdust and the edge is very smooth. This is also a big advantage (visual preference) when deciding on buying a manual or an electrical laminate cutter for home improvements.


Professional work sites


Especially floorlayer use laminate cutter to cut the boards for the floor directly at the work site where are these requires. Here these tools are required to function perfectly over the entire workday providing clean work. Laminate cutters for this commercial purpose are therefore specially built by their manufacturer for their robustness.

But they are also more expensive than a simple DIY versions. For those who do more renovational projects mostly privatly should think about whether an additional investment eventually pays for itself over the years by using a reliable, durable performance laminate cutter.

Market leader and price ranges


In our test we checked four market leaders and trusted brands for home improvement at a price between 50 and 100 USD, depending on the materials used and the equipment. Professional laminate cutter without an electric motor can cost up to 180 USD (online), with an electric motor quite well over 200 USD.


Tools by KWB


This marked leader produces hand tools and power tools for the private use mostly in the area of garden work. The laminate/parquet-cutter by this manufacturer are simple and inexpensive, but not suitable for extremely thick laminates.

However, the hand-held manual laminate cutter were completely satisfying when working with all standard thicknesses and widths of the used material. The work to be done succeeds in precise quality, quickly and with moderate effort.


Wolfscraft laminate cutter


Wolfcraft is known for its wide range of tools and small electric machines. 'Do-it-Yourselvers' appreciate transportation and support systems, tools for clamping, bonding, drilling, sawing and grinding.

In the current range, the company operates three types of laminate cutters, including a variant, with even vinyl can be brought easily to size.


X4-TOOLS laminate cutter


Tools labeled X4-TOOLS are quality products under the brand name of Lived Non Food LTD, a distributor of many brands. The laminate cutter X4 TOOLS derives from solid mold makers and are - in regards of blades and its settings - known market leaders in every way.

Test models prooved themselves simple and extremely durable and can be operated single handedly and produce even under the most strenouus test conditions clean cutting edges with parquet, vinyl and laminate.



Benefits of Laminate cutters vs circular saws


1.Extremely low operating noise, motorized models quieter than conventional circular saws
Compact design especially for work on internal sites.


2.Minimum effort for clean cuts in all standard thicknesses and widths
in diameter, blade durable and suitable for different hard materials, including vinyl and hardwood.


3.Good stability, whereas high-quality models have a slip-resistance of felt or foam rubber

4.Both, either an inexpensive hand tool for the occasional handyman or an expensive model for continuous workstress are robust.
5.Suitable for precious woods, mixed materials and vinyl.
6.For exeption of a few small professional models the weight is light - thereby easily mobile on and between job sites.

Flooring with the BEST Underlayment

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