Laminate Cutter Test 2017 Best rated & tested Cutters for Laminate Flooring
Laminate Cutter Test 2017 Best rated & tested Cutters for Laminate Flooring

Full Review Exchange-a-Blade For Wood, Laminate & Vinyl Cutters

April 02nd, 2017- Exchange-a-Blade For Wood, Laminate & Vinyl Cutters - A laminate cutter should be used flexibly and, therefore, must not be too heavy. is a Blade 2100005 9-Inch laminate cutter, which is widely used and averagly highly rated  by customers. Its precision cutting with 9" width capacity, so the long handle provides for an easy cutting action. It has a high carbon steel blade for a long life, and an angle gauge for angle cutting.  Compact design providing an easy moving and storage.                                                               This robust and high-quality device works with batteries, which are -sadly - not included. The KWB 179000 laminate cutter has a secure footing and is easy to operate with little effort. Using a laser-cut mark it cuts precise edges without any frayings and thus, is also suitable for the professional laminate laying.  It helps the handyman or the professional equally to cut all angles quickly and easily.

Today laminate can be - thanks to the simple click-laying technique - laid even by not-so-experienced handymen and easily understandable. It must also provide a perfect quality and should be able being operated by anybody. High hurdles that are easily taken by the Exhcange-a-Blade laminate cutter with flying colors. He is an all-rounder and cuts not only laminate, but also parquet floors, precious wood and vinyl floors. Due to the sharp blade also harder materials? No problems for the all-rounder. The results are impressive in any case and here, we are all in awe of this awesome tool. Keep in mind that the Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 cuts angles while that is an option you must pay for on most Bullet or other Tool models


Exchange-a-Blade laminate cutter test – This tool comes strongly!


The cutter features a heavy-duty steel frame for stability and a comfort grip handle for good support. Do your flooring installation with the Exchange-a-blade Laminate Cutter, a dust-free manual cutter that makes end cuts quick and easy. However, the laminate can not be easily applied "at random", but first must be cut. For the Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 9-Inch laminate cutter is excellent, but this product is located in the higher price segment.



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Most buyers of this product using the Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 9-Inch for cutting laminate, because laminate is the most favorite flooring in the US. Laminate can be maintained very easy and it is also relatively cheap. Laminate can be visually adapted to the rooms - another plus point for the material. Unfortunately, it looks anything but professional, if the corners were cut at an angle or are frayed. Even the smallest mistake is visually noticeable very quickly. This laminate cutter is very quiet, also no dirt is produced. Quiet and clean - that's what we want. Our test confirmed recision cutting with 9" width capacity, which is very nice for heavier work load. This work is very simple and even fun, because no stress is generated by any noise or dirt.


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Operation of Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 9-Inch laminate cutter is suitable and relatively easy for beginners and professionals alike. Overall, it can be stated that the device is very accurate and is resistant to external influences, so that a long service life can be guaranteed. The Exchange-a-Blade 2100005 9-Inch laminate cutter test has shown that this product can be profitably used for the handyman area. However, cutting planks longitudinally is not possible with this yet powerful laminate cutter. This laminate cutter comes with a high carbon steel blade and we tried it hard to destroy it but to no avail. It probably will be used by your grand kids. An angle gauge for angle cutting comes really handy and made it easier for us to cut corners in a room, which also works very well in our tests.


Teams opinion: A well deserved No.2!


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